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        Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
        Mining Construction
        Mining Construction
        XCMG mining construction products cover large-scale mining hydraulic excavators, mining loaders and mining graders, wherein, 700 t hydraulic excavators (largest in China), 360 t mining dump trucks and 12 t loaders fill in the blank of the domestic market.
        • Mining Hydraulic Excavator
          Mining Hydraulic Excavator
          At present, product models of XCMG mining hydraulic excavators range from 70 t to 700 t. Among them, the successful production of 700 t hydraulic excavators represents that China has become the fourth country having the R&D and manufacturing capability of hydraulic excavators above 700 tons after Germany, Japan and the United States.
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        • Core complete set of construction equipment of large-scale mining dump truck
          Core complete set of construction equipment of large-scale mining dump truck
          XCMG’s independently-developed core complete set of construction equipment of large-scale mining dump trucks for loading and transport operations in open-pit mines, can fully meet customers’ current and future needs. At present, XCMG mining dump trucks cover a full range of 90 t to 360 t and can meet various requirements.
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        • Articulated dump truck
          Articulated dump truck
          XCMG articulated dump truck, with strong technical support, is committed to providing users with perfect construction solutions. XCMG articulated dump truck, depending on powerful power, excellent performance and lower maintenance cost, provides users with higher efficiency and rich return on investment.
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        • Off-highway wide-body dump truck
          Off-highway wide-body dump truck
          XCMG off-highway wide-body dump truck, relying on its superior vehicle performance, has passed the high-performance test in the national military test ground and the TUV certification, and is widely used in open-pit mining, water conservancy construction, port short-distance transportation, mountain removing and sea filling, and other construction projects. The vehicle works at different construction sites.
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        • Wheel loader
          Wheel loader
          XCMG has 1-12 t wheel loader products. XCMG first launched the largest loader in China - LW1200K, which is a demonstration project of the largest technical equipment platform (set) in China. XCMG large-tonnage loaders have complete series and advanced technology, and are equipped with the APD automatic power distribution energy-saving system and load sensitive full variable energy-saving system, with an average energy saving of more than 15% (leading the industry).
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        • Mining grader
          Mining grader
          XCMG high power mining grader includes 260 to 550 power models. These models adopt reinforced working devices and structural parts, adapt to the construction environment of - 40 ℃ - 45 ℃, meet the requirements of all-weather uninterrupted work under heavy mining load and productivity of open-pit mine, and provide the best driving and operating environment to ensure the use safety of personnel.
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        • Middle- and large-tonnage wheel dozer
          Middle- and large-tonnage wheel dozer
          XCMG is the only main engine manufacturing enterprise that has the ability to design and manufacture large-tonnage wheel dozers in the industry. XCMG wheel dozers are widely used in all kinds of large mines, open-pit coal mines and other construction sites.
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        • Complete of crushing and screening solutions
          Complete of crushing and screening solutions
          In the recycling field of mining aggregate production resources, we provide complete set of crushing and screening solutions, and offer more reliable, safer, more environmentally-friendly mobile and fixed modular products with professional technology in accordance with customer needs and actual working conditions.
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