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        Global trustworthy construction machinery solution service provider!
        Crane lifting
        Crane lifting
        As a crane expert, we devote ourselves to create integrated and complete lifting solutions. XGC88000 - “the world’s largest-tonnage crane” is a crawler crane with the largest lifting capacity in the world.
        • All Terrain Crane
          All Terrain Crane
          XCMG all terrain cranes, with profound technology accumulation, guide the global crane technology revolution continuously. XCA1200 all terrain crane, as an eight-axle 1200 ton crane with the highest lifting performance in the industry, uses the global first self-folding special boom for wind power.
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        • Truck Crane
          Truck Crane
          The market share of XCMG truck cranes is nearly 60% in China. XCMG's unique and mature key technology comprehensively improves equipment performance and creates excellent value for customers. Therefore, the crane can realize the full boom coverage area, stronger power, more efficiency, more stable operations, more economy and more reliable system.
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        • Crawler Crane
          Crawler Crane
          XCMG XGC-series crawler cranes, taking the customer demand as the center and engineering adaptability as the point of strength, emphatically build an industry model! XGC-series crawler cranes, with the lifting capacity ranging from 25 t to 4000 t, cover the most complete spectrum.
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        • Rough Terrain Crane
          Rough Terrain Crane
          XCMG rough terrain cranes, with excellent performance, can drive on complex road surfaces and have strong cross-country adaptability. They can be used for multiple purposes, have high lifting and driving efficiency, and provide convenient and fast transfer with no burden.
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        • Tower crane
          Tower crane
          XCMG tower cranes are globally first equipped with the balance detection system for tower crane disassembly and reassembly, which greatly improves the tower crane disassembly and assembly safety, and use the anti-collision technology for tower crane group operations, which can meet construction requirements of various working conditions in various areas.
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        • Lorry crane
          Lorry crane
          The market share of XCMG lorry-mounted cranes exceeds 50% in China. At present, XCMG lorry-mounted cranes have formed more than 300 specifications and models in four series. They are characterized by high efficiency, strong mobility and multiple purposes.
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